Unless otherwise indicated, all books are available from Rudolf Steiner Press, England, or Anthroposophic Press, New York.

Works by Rudolf Steiner
Fundamental reading
  • An Outline of Esoteric Science
  • Theosophy — (This title is to be understood in the original meaning of ‘Divine Wisdom’.)
  • How to Know Higher Worlds — The Philosophy of Freedom. (An alternative translation is entitled Intuitive Thinking as a Spiritual Path.)
As a general introduction to Anthroposophy
  • Founding a Science of the Spirit
  • Rosicrucian Wisdom
Reading for Introduction
  • Johannes Hembleben, Rudolf Steiner. An Illustrated Biography
  • A.P. Shepherd, A Scientist of the Invisible (Floris Books)
Reading for Chapter 1
  • Rudolf Steiner, Mystery of the Universe
Reading for Chapter 2
  • Rudolf Steiner, Between Death and Rebirth
  • Rudolf Steiner, Manifestations of Karma
  • L.F.C. Mees, Blessed by Illness
Reading for Chapter 3
  • Rudolf Steiner, The Evolution of Consciousness
Reading for Chapter 4
  • Rudolf Steiner’s An Outline of Esoteric Science (see above) is the book which gives the most detailed information.
Reading for Chapter 5
  • Rudolf Steiner, Between Death and Rebirth
  • Rudolf Steiner, Life Between Death and Rebirth
  • Rudolf Steiner, Staying Connected
  • Rudolf Steiner, Verses and Meditations
Reading for Chapter 6
  • Alfred SchUtze, The Enigma of Evil (Floris Books)
  • Rudolf Steiner, The Influences of Lucifer and Ahriman
Reading for Chapter 7
  • Rudolf Steiner, Calendar of the Soul
  • Rudolf Steiner, The Effects of Esoteric Development
  • Rudolf Steiner, Guidance in Esoteric Training
  • Rudolf Steiner, Practical Training in Thought
  • Rudolf Steiner, A Way of Self-Knowledge
  • Rudolf Steiner, The Stages of Higher Knowledge
  • Rudolf Steiner, Verses and Meditations
  • How to Know Higher Worlds (see above) is also special to the theme of this chapter.
Reading for Chapter 8
  • Life between Death and Rebirth
  • Between Death and Rebirth
  • Reading for Chapter 9
  • The Spiritual Hierarchies
  • The Spiritual Guidance of the Individual and Humanity
Reading for Chapter 10
  • The Philosophy of Freedom
  • The Riddles of Philosophy
  • Goethe’s Conception of the World
Reading for Chapter 11
  • Christianity as Mystical Fact
  • From Jesus to Christ
  • The Spiritual Guidance of the Individual and Humanity
  • The Christ Impulse and the Development of Ego-Consciousness
  • The True Nature of the Second Coming
  • By Alfred Heidenreich: The Unknown in the Gospels (Floris Books, Edinburgh)