Diversity Statement

We acknowledge that the Anthroposophical Society is not sufficiently diverse, despite our commitment through spiritual science to treat all people as equal.

In the early twentieth century Rudolf Steiner addressed questions of individuality, race, ethics and religions in his many lectures and writings. A small number of statements he made do appear racist if quoted out of context, even though Rudolf Steiner’s entire life’s work was devoted to furthering the whole of humanity’s evolutionary development in complete equality, while recognising diversity. Steiner’s opening remarks in a lecture given in London in 1913 attest to that:

‘Allow me…to greet you in the warmest way with that deep, inner feeling of unity that belongs to Anthroposophy, and in which all people on earth can unite without distinction of race, colour or any such thing.’

We are committed to embracing diversity and inclusion in our movement and learning more about how we may have inadvertently been preventing a sense of inclusion in practice, as Rudolf Steiner would undoubtedly have wanted us to do. We will take positive action that will help to ensure people of all backgrounds feel that anthroposophy is open to them and that they feel fully welcomed to our movement.

We acknowledge that change takes time but we are committed to ensuring that change takes place.