Anthroposophical Society

3 September 2021

The Foundation Stone Meditation conference

with Christiane Haid, Leader of the Humanities Section and Arts Section at the GoetheanumCoralee Frederickson (Eurythmy)Marjatta van Boeschoten, General Secretary ASinGB THE MICHAELIC ASPECT OFThe Foundation […]
30 June 2020


Potentially the home of all the arts, architecture aims to be the unifying element, creating an artistic environment in which human qualities and activities are supported. […]
30 June 2020

Steiner House

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30 June 2020


Biodynamic agriculture has, on the face of it, much in common with other organic forms of farming, emphasising the use of manures and composts, and excluding […]
30 June 2020


This inspirational, holistic approach to education is becoming increasingly recognised. The value of learning experientially in an age appropriate way, in beautiful surroundings, where children are […]
30 June 2020

Adult Education

Rudolf Steiner’s many initiatives have led to a huge number of trainings and shorter courses for adults to embark on. These often change the direction of […]
30 June 2020

Special Needs

Rudolf Steiner’s course on Curative Education have led to the creation of special needs schools, colleges, communities and villages in the UK and around the world. […]
30 June 2020

Bothmer® Gym

What is it that makes some movement so remarkable? Why are some dancers so mesmerising ? How do professional sports players seem to control the space […]
30 June 2020

Ethical Finance

In a world where climate change is no longer a theory but has become evident reality, and a world in which the Covid 19 pandemic is […]