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Many people value music for its transcendent qualities - a sense of going beyond the everyday self.

In the last century huge transformations took place in musical consciousness, creating new visions of time, pitch, harmony, tuning and instruments.

Out of such vision, the Tonalis Music Centre was founded in 1991, to provide a social and spiritual foundation for contemporary music and to develop a new paradigm of music involving therapy, education, new acoustic instruments, improvisation, inner and sacred perspectives, and the contemporary musical soundscape.

Tonalis offers three part-time music foundation courses:

  • • Music education
  • • Uncovering the voice
  • • Community music

Tonalis Music Centre
4 Castle Farm Close, Leighterton
Gloucestershire, GL8 8UY

Tel/Fax: 01666 890460


Anthroposophically inspired Music tuition
offered to Singers, Composers, Music-teachers, Pianists and Eurythmists
by Gregers Brinch

Gregers Brinch is a composer, singer and teacher with experience of working with a wide range of professionals and laypersons over the past 30 years and has diplomas in composition and piano from the Anthroposophical training centre Musik-seminar an der Eurythmieschule Hamburg in 1992 (now called Alfred Schnittke Akademie). Since 1991 he has worked privately as a music teacher as well as in Waldorf Teacher Trainings in Hamburg and at Emerson College.

In addition to composing, teaching, performing, and Artistic Directorship of the International Concert Series at Steiner Hall in London Gregers has collaborated with a number of theatre projects during his career both as a musician and as an actor.

He has researched the inherent relationship between music and the human being throughout his career. His enthusiastic and inspirational leadership of groups, working with the human voice and percussion instruments, lecturing on Music and Anthroposophy has brought him to countries in Europe and in the Far East.

He is currently a member of a group of musicians (all composers) researching extended tonality within the Musical Section of the International Anthroposophical Society together with Christian Ginat, Knut Rennert, Kazuhiko Yoshida, Joachim Pfeffinger, Gotthart Killian and Bevis Stevens.

Gregers Brinch welcomes any students to work intensively for a duration of mutual aggreement, and available for long distance tutoring in composition by email and skype.

He has released 5 CDs notably through Claudio Records and Parma Records.