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Eurythmy is a new art of movement which seeks to make speech and music visible in spatial form, gesture and colour. The movements and choreography of eurythmy however are not based on self-expression, but follow definite laws inherent in the sounds themselves.

In stage performances, this is further enhanced by the use of colour, in costume and in lighting, relevant to the themes or instruments being represented.

Through eurythmy the effect of music and speech on the listener is greatly enriched by adding a visual experience to the purely aural one. Eurythmy is also of value in education, in the work place and as a therapy.

For further information about courses and training:

Eurythmy Association of Great Britain and Ireland

Tel: +44 (0)1287 636832
Fax: +44 (0)8717 145925

Email: Lynda Abrahams

For details on Eurythmy Therapy and to find a CAHSC (Council for Anthroposophical Health and Social Care) registered therapist please use the contact details below:
Eurythmy Therapy Association of Great Britain and Ireland
John Browning - Chair - Email - Tel + 44 (0)1453 750137